Cheese sticks -  6.99       Basket of Onion Rings - 4.99     Bowl of Clam Chowder  - 3.99 

​                 Shrimp cocktail (10)  -  7.99               Fried Mushrooms  -6.99

Land Lubber's Specials:  includes fried biscuits, choice of one side, and salad bar

12 oz. Ribeye 18.99      Grilled Chicken Breast  10.99       Fried Chicken Strips   9.99

8  oz. Sirloin  13.99      Hamburger  7.99 (add trip to salad bar for 1.99)

Salad bar as a meal  7.99

Fish Dinners:   14.99  All you can eat !!!!    Please no sharing or doggie bags !

Catfish -  we serve medium sized bone-in catfish, small fingerling catfish, and also

                catfish filets   ( filets are available baked )

Mullet -  Fresh from a local fish market, popular with all the locals !

Swai Fingers- flaky white meat that tastes similar to grouper 

Alaskan White Fish -  mild, sweet tasting ( also available baked )

---------fish dinners include 2 hushpuppies, choice of one side, and salad bar---------

Seafood Dinners :

Seafood Platter - 17.99

---shrimp, oysters, scallops,clam strips, crab cake, and a piece of white fish.- 

Clam Strip Dinner - 13.49

---a generous portion fried golden brown

Oysters-  14.99

---fried just the way you like them

Scallops-  14.99

---tasty and tender from the sea

Devilled Crab Cakes - 13.49

---crispy on the outside, tender on the inside

Popcorn Shrimp - 13.49

---lightly breaded and fried to perfection

Fried Butterfly Shrimp - 14.99

---lightly breaded and fried golden brown

Cajun Grilled Shrimp - 14.99

---a little spice is nice !

Large Shrimp Plate - 16.99

---  a larger "portion"  for the extra large appetite 

Combination Plate - 15.99

---create your own dinner... choose 2 items from the fish and/or seafood menu

------------the seafood dinners come with 2 sides and hushpuppies----------------

We also have a reduced portion menu for senior citizens -  11.49

-- excludes the landlubber menu and the seafood platter-- this is not  an

    all you can eat plate -- comes with one side,salad bar, and hushpuppies

Kids Meals- 4.49    ( age 12 and under )

--kids meals are a small portion of either popcorn shrimp, chicken strips, white fish,

   or corn doggies   --- served with one side  ( add a trip to the salad bar for 1.99 )

Sides-  2.49

Cheese grits, plain grits, cole slaw, french fries, sweet potato fries, fried okra,

onion rings, baked potato, steamed broccoli

Our salad bar has over 25 fresh items each day.  Our salad bar lady keeps it stocked with fresh veggies as well as 3 or 4 homemade salads using our own recipes.  It is very popular with our regular customers and is a meal in itself.


We serve coke and pepsi products, coffee, tea   1.89  ( free refills )

We also have lemonade   2.29  ( free refills )   and milk 1.89 (no refills)

At this time, we do not serve alcohol.  

We accept cash, personal checks with proper ID, and Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.